Summercamp Program 2023

only the best for you !


4th of June – 9th of June 2023

Train Krav Maga & survival skills with Amit Himelstein and the team of THE MADOR, currently some of Israels most advanced tactical instructors. While you travel Israels beaches, mountains and desert they will guide you through the latest knowledge in terms of Krav Maga as it is taught even to the elite fighting units of the IDF and Israeli police forces.


We will be 2 days at the sea (IKF headquarter in Ma'anit & Caesarea area), 2 days in the mountain region at the Golan heights and 2 days in the Israeli Negev desert and Dead Sea area.


More details about the program coming soon here.


The flights to Israel are not included in the course fee and you will need to book them on your own. Due to increasing prices do not wait too long. We trust El Al, but many of you are also happy with other airlines like EasyJet, Ryan Air, Lufthansa and others. At the moment of the creation of this text return tickets are available from 250€ upwards per person.

Please make sure, that you arrive the evening before the camp latest at Ben Gurion Airport. Our logistics team will publish pick up times and points in the WhatsApp group of the participants, where we will add you as soon as your booking is confirmed. From there we will transport you on our costs to Ma'anit, where the camp starts. Any transport during the camp is also covered by the event team.


The regular course fee is 2100€. Early birds discount: Book before March 15th, pay only 1950€ and save 150€ !

And the best:
- Participants have the right, to join Israel Sanshou an extra week after camp without extra payment (worth 99€).
- Participants get 3 month access to the brand-new IKF Krav Maga app with all the content taught in the course (worth 267€).

Your booking gets valid once your deposit of 500€ is received at our bank account.

What's included ?

The course fee includes elite instructors for Krav Maga, survival, navigation and shooting, transport during the course, 3 meals per day for all 6 course days, outdoor accommodation (you will need to bring your sleeping bag, see list below) and 2 IKF Summercamp 2023 special edition t-shirts. You will also get a certificate of attendance after the course.


No prior experience in Krav Maga order other fields required. The course is suitable for all Krav Maga levels from zero to hero / instructor level. However you must be at least 18 years old, in a reasonable physical shape and understand English to attend the camp.

What to bring to the course ?

Required gear:

  • light sleeping bag
  • outdoor iso mat
  • outdoor- or range-boots
  • tactical or cargo pants (long & short)
  • water bottle
  • knife
  • spoon, fork, cup, plate for outdoor use
  • cap / hat / bandana for sun protection
  • swim suit
  • teeth & groin guard
  • boxing gloves
  • individual health insurance


Recommended gear:

  • personal hygienic equipment
  • personal meds & IFAK
  • shirts, socks & underwear for 6 days
  • sun screen